It is not only what you say but also the way that you say it that will influence and persuade people. Whether you are going to your first job interview or a addressing a business meeting, good communication skills are essential if you wish to put your ideas across successfully.

Your ability to communicate is a definite factor in your success. Individuals, who can express their plans, goals or ideas, who can make themselves heard, understood and acted upon, possess one of the primary qualities of leadership.

Toastmasters will help you develop your speaking, thinking, listening and leadership skills. Visit  a Toastmasters Club and expand your communication and leadership skills.

Within the friendly environment of a Toastmasters club, learn the techniques of impromptu speaking, evaluation, persuasive speaking and good meeting procedure. There are opportunities to take on administrative roles, become a mentor and compete in contests.

Take the first step in your own personal development by visiting the Boroondara Toastmasters Club.