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Boroondara Toastmasters Club – 15th Anniversary

On Thursday 20th June 2013, Boroondara Toastmasters Club celebrated its 15th year anniversary.

From its small beginning in 1998 when it first began meeting in a church in Renown Street, Burwood, the club has developed into a vibrant, friendly and supportive environment for its members to learn and develop their speaking and leadership skills which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. Each meeting is filled with enthusiasm, fun and encouragement.

Besides helping new members to learn the unique skills of communication and speech presentation, to the more experienced members we encourage them to be mentors to new members, to share valuable experience. We also encourage members to achieve their potential by expanding their comfort zone and embrace the challenge of different speeches, different roles and set high-achievement goals.

The occasion was marked by the presence of two politicians:
Mr Josh Frydenberg – Federal Member for Kooyong, and
Mr Graham Watt – State Member for Burwood.
Both of these politicians presented informative and often humorous anecdotes of what it is like to be a politician.

Also presenting speeches were District International Speech Winner – Yuri Ptchelinzew; 3 members from Boroondara Toastmasters Club and 1 member from Manningham Toastmasters Club.

Our District Governor, Catherine MacGillivray, together with members from nearby Toastmasters Clubs, also came to help celebrating the special occasion.


Group photo:

Group Photo

Some VIP’s were in attendance too:

Celebrities Attending

And a beautiful cake was shared by all:

Anniversary Cake

Boroondara Toastmasters Club celebrated its 101st Meeting on 18 February 2010.

Boroondara Toastmasters Club celebrated its 101st Meeting on 18 February 2010.


The State MP for Burwood, Mr Bob Stensholt was invited to attend the celebration. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he could not attend on that evening but had forwarded his message to us which was read to all members and guests. The Club was honoured that Bob attended our meeting on Thursday, 18 March.

Guests celebrated the milestone with us were: Margaret Addison, Teresa Barker, Bruce and Jeremy Hill, Jackie and Doug Gullick, Rod Smith, Tim Schlatt, etc.

The Club was also very privileged to have Kevin Kosky presented his Gestures and Dynamics workshop. This workshop inspired us that besides ‘words’ to express ourselves, we can also use music and gestures as a medium to pass our messages across.

The following is a very inspirational message from Bob Stensholt, State MP for Burwood.

“ Message from Bob Stensholt, State MP for Burwood On the occasion of Boroondara Toastmasters 101st Meeting Celebration”

Thank you for your invitation to be with you tonight for your celebration of your 101st meeting. That is an incredible milestone that you can be justly proud of. I am sorry I cannot be here to enjoy it with you.

As a politician I know how important it is to be able to get up on your feet and express yourself clearly. But it is not just a skill that politicians need in everyday life.

People, who are active in their community, whether it is on a school committee or a local sporting group, know they will be more effective if they can get their message across. Anyone who finds themselves at meetings needs to have the confidence to express themselves well.

Leadership and achievement are almost always based on people’s ability to communicate clearly. The best ideas in the world will go unheeded if they are not properly communicated.

Being skilled at presenting your message, knowing how to frame your views and organising your thoughts are all essential for success in so many walks of life.

The aim of Toastmasters is to develop these and other skills for anyone who wants to come along. This must be one of the great strengths of Toastmasters.

Speaking skills are really important, but they do not exist in a vacuum. Good speakers give some critical thought to what they have to say. They work out how to structure their argument so that a listener is convinced. They know they cannot ramble. They must work hard to engage an audience. The message and tone must be just right. Quite a lot of skills have to come together for success.

I must also say that one of the things I really like about Toastmasters is that you have fun, and you are meant to have fun. So while learning really valuable skills you relax and enjoy yourselves. In my book a relaxed speaker who is articulate is far more enjoyable to listen to than one who is nervous about what they are saying.

This combination of fun and skills development is a great recipe for success and it is the essence of Toastmasters. You should be proud of your community base, of the breath of your membership and of the longevity of your club.

I wish you well in your endeavours and that many more people will enjoy your next 101 meetings. “