As a Toastmaster you will learn how to:

  • build confidence
  • improve communications skills
  • learn how to speak in front of groups
  • learn how to structure a speech
  • learn how to conduct effective meetings
  • develop administrative skills
  • learn how to give good evaluations
  • develop new skills in a friendly environment
  • develop good interview techniques
  • learn impromptu speaking
  • give better sales presentations
  • hone your management skills
  • work better with fellow employees
  • effectively develop and present ideas
  • offer constructive evaluations
  • accept feedback more objectively
  • develop self-confidence and poise
  • research and prepare speeches
  • design and use visual aids
  • evaluate other speakers
  • mentor and coach fellow club members
  • organise and run courses and conferences
  • conduct, judge and participate in speech contests
  • tell stories, present awards and introduce speakers
  • give educational speeches and workshops
  • host and speak at family and social occasions
  • deliver a variety of speeches on topics of interest to you and your audience
  • become a great communicator,
  • learn how to “think on your feet” and express yourself without preparation,
  • learn how to express yourself clearly and concisely,
  • develop your leadership skills,
  • develop your mentoring skills

Developing these skills will help you:

  • be a better manager,
  • give better sales presentations,
  • feel more confident,
  • advance and enhance your career,
  • be a better coach

We’re dedicated to helping you learn. And we know we can help you achieve your goals. After all, each of us has goals as well. And we count on each other to help us achieve them.

Whatever your goals or ideals, Toastmasters will help you achieve them.